Outfy gets the green signal from Facebook – Removal of earlier imposed restrictions under developers’ Policy 2.3

Thanx for the patience shown by you all Outfy users. Finally the wait is over, and we are feeling very excited to inform you that Facebook has lifted the restrictions that it had imposed upon Outfy under implementation of developers’ policy 2.3.

Policy Details

We had shared this information with you about the implementation of Policy 2.3 by Facebook. It has been enforced by Facebook to ensure that only genuine and authentic content is posted on the platform, and it allows only the actual user to fill all data and post same on Facebook. No pre-filled data can be entered through third party apps. This is Facebook’s endeavor to curtail spam on Facebook, and ensure that Facebook remains an effective social media platform, for all genuine users.

Facebook has an awesome video covering this in a bit more depth.

In simple words – https://developers.facebook.com/policy #2.3 clearly directs all Apps –

Don’t prefill captions, comments, messages, or the user message parameter of posts with content a person or business didn’t create, even if the person can edit or remove the content before sharing. You may use our Share Dialogs to prefill a single hashtag in a post, but don’t prefill any content a person or business didn’t create via the API“.

The status update

Outfy’s technology team has been working on this with the facebook technology team, since the last 4 weeks to make this happen. As mentioned in the last blogpost about this Facebook policy and its implications to Outfy users, we have made certain small changes in the way you would now be using Outfy to promote your products on Facebook. These changes ensure that you send out the desired promotions, but within the Facebook guidelines – after all, we believe in Facebook’s initiative, and need to do our best to support Facebook’s initiative of weeding out spammers from the social media.

Putting it simply, the implication of this “changed” way would be:

  • You would be able to start posting “as an image” on Facebook, like you were doing before the implementation of this policy
    • But, no pre-filled data would be available for your posts meant for Facebook
    • You would need to manually input the product title / product description / product tags for all posts meant for Facebook
    • You would be able to easily choose the tags from the tag cloud, but they won’t be prefilled in the posts
    • This would be applicable for all autopilot posts
  • You could continue to post “as a link” on Facebook
    • You could post using the product URL
    • You would need to manually enter/edit the product title, and any other additional information you wish to convey

So, you can customise the settings as per your comfort factor (post as “image” or post as “link”) and let the promotions rolling! Why miss out on this channel, when Facebook is undisputedly the largest social media platform available currently!

Any questions / clarifications required, you are most welcome like always to write to us – hello@outfy.com

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