Boost your sales on Easter: Tips to Make Your Online Store Egg-straordinary!

Easter is just around the corner. Many consumers eagerly await sales during the Easter weekend. As a shop owner, Easter sales are a great way to maximise your revenue. Whether it’s building equipment for overdue home improvement projects or a new pair of shoes for work, consumers will be searching for solutions. As an e-commerce store owner, what can you do to better prepare your online store to make the most of this egg-cellent opportunity?

Creativity is a big differentiator. Strive to make it a part of your promotions. For example, think up catchy subject lines and headlines for your content. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Showcase festive products or irresistible deals using special celebratory Easter promo templates from Outfy and make your Easter campaign a resounding success. 

There are a lot of Easter Bunnies out there. To stand out, you need to create an Easter marketing plan that is interesting and original. Better yet, use a marketing automation platform (like Outfy) to segment your audience and develop messaging that targets each group with relevant content efficiently.

To create a sense of urgency, experiment with different kinds of sales on each day during the holidays. For instance, encourage the shopper to buy sooner to save more.

The competition will heat up around the holidays, consider how a well-promoted discount could give you an edge. Think of situations your customers would be in during the holidays: preparing family dinners, meeting relatives and friends, catching up on unfinished projects, spending more time at the gym, or just chilling on the couch. Then think of which products they might consider in these situations and other things they might need for spring – then promote them in a special discount scheme.

There are so many things you could do on social media with minimal effort – a tool like Outfy can help you with this. For example, you could do a classic social media giveaway – by asking your followers to name a loved one who deserves the prize – or get creative with guessing games – ask participants to guess the weight of the chocolate. Or apply the same concept to any of your products – for example, guess where this picture is taken, guess how many beads are in this necklace, and the like. Also, widen your reach by giving your social media campaign a little paid boost.

Experiment with user-generated content on social media. Ask your followers to take a selfie, share their best work or their favourite ways to use your products – and then post them on social media with a special hashtag containing your brand name plus Easter. 

Take these egg-ceptional tips and make this Easter a memorable one for your online store. Do try some of the suggestions offered above and don’t be afraid to think up more of your own. The key is to do all you can to explore and implement interesting ways to make consumers hop, skip, and jump their way to your online store or stores. 

Wishing you an egg-straordinary Easter filled with joy, laughter, and egg-cellent sales!

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