Content Marketing Strategy for online sellers in 2024

From blogs to Gifs to videos to collages to infographics – there is a basketful of content formats that businesses have at their disposal to engage with their audiences.

If you’re unsure about which mix to fill your editorial calendar with, here’s to getting your Content Marketing Mix (CMM) right.

What is Content Marketing Mix (CMM)?

Content Marketing Mix (CMM) can be described as the right blend of different content types (blogs, videos, case studies, webinars, podcasts, ebooks, infographics, and so on) to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. 

Why CMM matters

Without a solid plan and a clear reason to create a certain type of content, it’s easy to get distracted by different content formats and start creating content just for the sake of it, which is a waste of precious time and other valuable resources businesses can ill-afford. Put simply, that’s why you need a great CMM.


Different kinds of social media content

There are several kinds of social media content you can use to create an effective CMM and grow your business faster. The most popular ones are defined below.


When you want to tell a brand-related story that requires a longer style of narration, a blog is the way to go. Don’t forget to use images, videos, Gifs, and links to make your blog more exciting and engaging.

Collages use the proven power of images to tell instantly eye-catching stories. Use collages to showcase image-driven short form conversations.

Gifs are cool, fun, and easy to do. They are also shared widely. Use Gifs when you want to harness movement to tell your brand story, but don’t feel the need to say it on video.

Videos are the most popular form of social media content. Period. Hence, they are an integral part of an effective CMM. Use videos to build seed conversations with your customers and fuel growth.

Outfy creates fresh bouquets of delightful content for you smartly. It does this using customer-friendly AI that works with you to keep your CMM dynamic, fresh, and engaging. Along the way, these efficiencies also create time for you.

Use Outfy to create the optimum Content Marketing Mix to nourish your brand today. It’s time.


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