Outfy Shorts: eye-catching short videos of your products!

A Short Primer on Outfy Shorts

Toward the end of last year, we sent out an email requesting users to suggest features they would like to see in Outfy. Happily, we received an impressive number of responses, indicating strong engagement from our community. 

Since then, we have been diligently working on implementing the most requested features, with vertical videos ranking at the top of the list. Here’s the first installment of the fruits of our labors.

Hello Shorts!

We are delighted to announce the launch of Shorts (Short videos). These videos are formatted in a 9:16 aspect ratio, allowing the entire frame to showcase your product pictures.

Furthermore, we utilized AI to generate image captions based on your products. This means that every time you share a product as a Reel or Short, not only will the images be unique, but each instance will also feature a distinct caption.

Also, we are actively working on integrating this feature with SmartQ, and we will keep you updated on its progress. Rest assured, it’s coming very soon.

A short How to on creating Shorts

  • Click on Shorts option on the left panel for templates.
  • Currently, there are 8 templates populated with a selection of product images.
  • For your viewing pleasure, these templates are showcased in this blog.
  • The text and colors in the short video are all AI generated from the Product title to match the products.
  • If desired, users can easily change the colors and text by using the “edit” button.
  • Finally, hit “Post” to upload the Short 

And that, dear reader, is the long and the short of our brand new feature, Shorts. We encourage you to use and make the most of it. Happy Posting, and here’s to a fantastic year ahead!


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