How to give Boost to Online Christmas Sale

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is basically known as electronic commerce. It refers to as buying or selling of goods or services using the electronic medium such as internet. E-commerce has made products discover easily through online retailers or marketplaces so that is easily purchased by the consumer. Global retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion by 2020.

Christmas is joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace. – Pope Francis

The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of love and of generosity and of goodness. It illuminates the picture window of the soul, and we look out upon the world’s busy life and become more interested in people than in things. So, it’s the season of love and joy. And how can we even forget about gifts!! The main part is gifts, small children’s believe that Santa clause will come to their place and leave a gift for them and yes they believe it!! Among them we have the website owners, who take this Christmas as business perspective and that’s true. Applying special market strategies at the time of Christmas will increase there sale. As a general public, Many people prefer purchasing gift that provide them some discount or vouchers. Yes, they literally think about this profit. This issue brings a cut throat competition between the online salesman. Nowadays, products are purchased online which grounds to competition between salesman.

So, let’s reveal the strategies through which an online shopkeeper can sell his/her products online :-

  • Let your landing page be the first to reveal Christmas sales.
  • Prepare gifts for first orders.
  • Strike the old purchasers.
  • Update your profile for festive.
  • Be active on social media.

So, let’s talk deeply about all the strategies-

  • Landing page is the first page so try to make it festive so that it attacks customers. Make it appealing, engaging and Put the discounts and offers to the viewers so that it catches their eye and they be the first to have a look.
  • There should be some advantage for the first ones, so this offer is the best. Provide coupon’s, discounts and amazing offers on first purchase so that they make like your sales strategies and gets influenced by the strategy.
  • Never forget your old purchaser’s; they deserve some space for the discounts as well as coupon’s. Provide them coupon’s on their purchase.Then create a re marketing funnel which takes them through different ads each day with different offers so that your ads don’t get stale. These groups could be a huge head start for your campaigns.
  • Give your profile a festive look by updating it regularly. During the celebrations, the population might be looking for useful content on how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to design the table or what presents to give to a woman or a man. Then, great is the possibility that your blog visitors will navigate to your store to look at your offers.
  • Organize contests and grant presents to those who win
    • Add a “Refer a Friend” section on your landing page
    • Make use of social buttons or social popups
    • Being active on your social pages is crucial, but too much activity can be a risk to be haunted as a spammer. That’s why what you need to do is to create an opportunity for your website visitors to share your page on their social pages if they like it.

If sale is done by social media then, it is treacherous to do it, but don’t worry!! You’re reading the right article.

Outfy – Amplify the reach of your products with the use of this new-age, smartest social media promotion facilitation tool. Outfy requires very little time investment and miniscule cost. Check it out for yourself, TODAY!

Functioning of Outfy

  1. Connects your shop.
  2. Adds your favorite social media networks.
  3. Puts your store in Autopilot Mode.
  4. Creates collages, gifs, video and even sales promotion.
  5. Handles the increased traffic and sales.

Benefits of Outfy app-

  1. It is time saving
  2. Puts your store on Autopilot Mode.
  3. Outfy customizes your sales promotion.
  4. Creates stunning collages, gifs, video for promotion.
  5. Creates captivating videos of your product.
  6. Attach multiple shop store support.
  7. Pay per use concept is applied.
  8. Total hand holding.

“Our business is to HELP your business GROW BIG!!!”

Wrap up –

Christmas is a beautiful time for celebrations and a perfect occasion for online sellers to get revenue through making sales. And as people are looking for beneficial offers then this strategy would be perfecta and mesmerizing to anyone. If you apply the strategy of Outfy then surely your business is going to a high level or reach . And if you apply the correct approaches, you will make a lot of sales which will be a good start of the year. And as it is acceptable to say, “If you spend Christmas celebrations cheerfully, you will succeed all the year round”.

Outfy is helping the sales in best possible way to reach the expectation of people and it’s the best platform to take a few decisions and sell out your hard work.Outfy allows you to control not only how much you spend on your social media marketing but when and what you post. If you get the app it also lets you see which posting are getting the most activity so you can narrow down when it’s the best time to market more details open this link to know more.Your time is precious and hence we help you substantially reduce the time you spend on sharing products to various social networks. With Outfy you can share product(s) quickly to many social networks at once and with only a few clicks.Outfy helps sellers to promote their products on social and e-commerce networks.Grab the glorifying offer to take your business at heights.

Review of Outfy

I’ve just started working with this app and I have to say that so far I’m really impressed. It’s extremely easy to set up and run and will save me a huge amount of time posting to all my different social media accounts. Thanks Outfy!

Angie Lee | The French Apron Company @ ShopifyAngie Lee | The French Apron Company @ Shopify



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