Importance of scheduling your promotions on the social media

Simple guide to get the product promotions’ timing “right” on the social media

If you have an online store, you are catering to a market in the virtual space. You are not face-to-face with your buyers / potential customers, so you need to play smart to “lure” them to your online store.

First and foremost, you need to map out the target audience for your products.

  • Male / Female?
  • Age groups?
  • Any particular geographical area?
  • Working / non working?

Once you have the audience mapped out, you need to understand their online presence pattern – What time of the day are they most likely to frequent the social networks? Also, just being there is not sufficient – when would they be most likely to actually “see” your products’ promotion, and be engaged?

Is scheduling really important?

Some of the real-life situations:

  • Your audience may be in different time zones, so may not be online when you promote your products
  • Your audience groups may have different patterns of frequenting the social media vis-a-vis your pattern. Eg: You may be posting on the social media during your working hrs, as its your “profession” to try to garner customers for your products. Your potential buyer maybe interested in clicking on a product promotion only during off-office hours, as that’s when they are free

So, you need to schedule your promotions. You can choose tools like Outfy (  to post your scheduled content, without you having to be online all the time! Scheduling your social media promotions correctly can result in more traffic to your online store, and eventually more sales.

 Tips to consider while scheduling your promotions

What happens to your product promotion on Facebook?

Its a similar story on Twitter as well as other social media platforms as well. So, you need to keep harping on the promotion message again and again, in order to get that unique “one” person to click the link to your site, each time!

Scheduling correctly is a very strategic part of your social media promotions, so needs to well planned to get the message across, effectively to the right target audience, at the most suitable time.

Some secret insights: Defying the myths

  • Don’t share when maximum people from your target audience is online. This is probably the busiest time of the day, and of course the most difficult to actually “engage” your prospect buyer. Simply because at this time, your promotion is going to compete with more number of promotions / status updates / advertisements to get your target audience’s attention.
  • Break your audience into small target sub groups, and then post your promotions accordingly, keeping the small groups as targets
  • Don’t share / schedule your promotions on the hour (like 1:00 P.M. / 3:00 P.M.). Share 10 mins before or after the hour (1:10 P.M. / 2:50 P.M.). This will get your promotions a little reduced competition

Evaluate the social media platforms you want to use, and the apt frequency for each platform. Then just schedule all your promotions, and you can get ready to service the increased business. For help on which networks to promote on and relevant frequencies, you can take help from this blogpost –

A simple change in execution, and you will certainly achieve the desired results!

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