Where to promote your online store, when and how often?

The ideal social media marketing mix

We all wonder what’s the “ideal” social media marketing mix, that will get me enough eyeballs (and sales), and also not become repetitive for my target audience? What is the ideal time slot I should use for promotions, which can get me the maximum returns on my investment?

So many questions, which make the decision difficult, and sometimes scary! After all, your business growth is dependent on making the right choices here. But then, how exactly to make these “right” choices?

Frequency of posting

The frequency of posting actually can range between one to ten times, in a single day. It depends on the type of product you have on offer.

Eg: If it’s a common use product, 1-3 times in a day is enough. If it’s a handmade niche market exclusive product, it would require comparatively more promotions like as much as 8-10 times in a day.

Recommended timing

Timing is of utmost importance. So one needs to promote ONLY when your target market is expected to be online, to make the promotion effective.

Eg: If it’s a product aimed at females, afternoons or late evenings would be a good timing.

For working women, in particular, morning hours and evening hours is preferable — when they are commuting between their homes and offices.

Although the trick is to strike the balance between “engagement” and “cluttering”, it’s very important to realise and respect that thin line. Nevertheless, network wise, recommended ideal communication strategy would be:

  • Facebook — Anytime is a good time, can post as much as 3-5 times in a day. The posts stay longer, so the target audience would certainly see them
  • Twitter — 8-10 times, spread across the workday. The tweets move very fast, so higher frequency of posts is required in order to ensure a well-covered audience base
  • Instagram — 2-4 times, off work hours. This is because people tend to access instagram on the move, on their way to / from office, in the tube / cab / bus.
  • Pinterest — 6-8 times, mostly after office relaxation hours, maybe slightly higher on weekends. People are using pinterest to like and “pin” their choices, which is mostly done away from work, with a free mind
  • Wanelo — 2-4 times, after 8 P.M. works best till midnight as that’s when the users are freely exploring the internet for products they may like to own
  • Fancy / Shopcade / Polyvore / Keep — Its mainly fashion products suited for women audience, so 2-3 times, evening hours is best. Buying fashion to refresh your tired soul, between 4-7 P.M.

Try it out, and see the results speak for themselves!

Disclaimer : This is a “recommended” strategy, please use your own discretion when applying.

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