How can Outfy tool help you increase sales from your online store?

Automate your Social media marketing, effortlessly with Outfy

Outfy tool has been developed to help you get the maximum footage for your social media campaigns, with the minimal time spent, effortlessly.

It can pick the products directly from your online store store, and post them to your chosen social media, at your chosen time interval — all on a shoestring budget with a huge time saving!

If you don’t even want to invest the time to choose the products yourself, Outfy tool has a handy “Auto pilot” feature, that auto selects the products based on your criterion input, and posts them on your behalf to your social media accounts.

And the best part is, its for you to try for free till you are convinced about its advantage to your business. It comes with a unique pay-per-use concept, without any kind of a fixed monthly commitment. You buy the credits, and the credits get deducted only when you actually use them to “share” your products on the social media. And the credits practically never expire! So, you have complete control and flexibility with your marketing budget.

What does Outfy have to offer for online stores?

  • Seamless Store Connect – You can connect your store by name / URL, import all the products, even #tags, etc. from your online store on Shopify / Etsy / Bigcommerce / Ecwid / Weebly /  Storenvy / Ebay/ Zibbet
  • Product Postings is just a click away – Use Outfy tool to connect all your social networks like Facebook Page / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Wanelo / Fancy / Keep / Polyvore, the Hunt, Weheartit, Shopcade, etc.
  • Huge saving of your valuable time  – Get the maximum benefit out of social media marketing with minimal time spent – full time-optimisation.  And then you are able to invest your major chunk of saved time for other business activities
  • No hole in your pocket –  This big bucket of advantages is for you to avail, without shelling out any kind of big money –  Outfy application comes to you for as low as 2 cents per share!
  • Auto syncing – Your products get auto synced to your Outfy dashboard, daily
  • Instant campaign launch – You can promote your products on your chosen networks, instantly
  • Planner / Autopilot –  Or you can schedule promotions for the future as per your requirements for days / weeks / even months in advance, and then leave the Outfy app to carry out your selections
  • Shoutout – Blow your own trumpet! Talk about all your special promotions / sales / new range launch, news articles, etc on social media
  • Sale / Promotion announcement made easy – You can choose and customise the available preset templates to make your sale / promotion announcement in a jiffy, and even promote same on your social media networks. The templates are designed to include your logo as well if you so desire.


Why Outfy in particular? How does it stand apart from the crowd?

  • Access to a large list of networks, all at the click of just 1 button – Connect to Wanelo, Polyvore, Fancy, Keep, etc. over and above the the commonly available platforms like Facebook Page / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest
  • Unique Autopilot feature

— You can pre-decide the promotions for your products, and then leave Outfy to carry out your instructions. No further action from your end, just see the results!

— Outfy app selects and promotes latest products on your chosen social media, at your chosen time intervals

— You still retain control to modify the selection if you so desire, any time

— Even repetitions can be “planned”, for weeks and months

Not just one but several unique features @Outfy tool
Not just one but several unique features @Outfy tool
  • Sale / Promotion announcement

— You can customise the announcement template and schedule the promotion there and then

— You can even save the announcement for future use

  • Flexi pricing – Pay per actual use

— No monthly commitment, no recurring payments at all – you can increase / decrease your spends as per your choice

— Deduction of money credits as per your actual utilization – no fixed ceiling charge

— Easy on your pocket – 100% control with you for your monthly budget spend

— You can refill the package as and when you wish, the “credits” come without any kind of expiry date

  • 24 x 7 customer support

— One can connect through chat 24* 7 and get instant help

— Send a mail and get a response by return, within 24hrs

— Access to Outfy’s “customer connect” program – It is aptly called the “red carpet’, because we give a red carpet welcome to all our privileged clients, and treat them like royalty

In Outfy founders’ own words – “Our business is to help your business grow. The Outfy application is for yours to try absolutely free of cost.  Outfy doesn’t ask you for your credit card details even, ever. We expect you to pay only once you are fully satisfied with the experience on Outfy. We respect your business and your money.”

Let’s grow together!!!

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